The Bridge Museum's vision is a more connected, less polarized society.

The concept of the bridge - the journey from A to B - has defined the human experience for millennia. 

Given the US's current situation, in which polarization dominates the public discourse, the Bridge Museum is a timely, necessary and effective intervention, promoting dialogue to understand the other and ensuring that an environment of respect reigns.

In addition, we want to inspire the next generation of scientists to engineer our century and offer an avenue for underserved communities to benefit from STEAM* disciplines. We hope to create a new awareness in visitors, taking a timeless concept and applying it to their everyday life.

*STEAM: Curriculum pertaining to science, technology, engineering, art/architecture, and mathematics.


Given the US’s current situation, we believe that the value and art of bridge building is an urgent priority. An institution dedicated to both structural and conceptual bridges can serve as a scalable tool to address the increasing fear of the “other”, the spread of intolerance, and mounting discussion around building walls.

The Bridge Museum merges the hard and soft sciences, with a very purposeful mission and vision in today’s socio-economic and cultural landscape. We will provide practical tools for understanding the other and promoting empathy at home, in the classroom, and in communities.

Endless debate has achieved very little and social media appear to be exacerbating the situation. We have to try something new and one important aspect of that is structured dialogue.


Originally intended to be launched in the Bay Area, Bridge Museum is now engaging with Science and Technology Centers and Children's Museums to join a consortium to create the 4,000-5,000 square foot exhibition. 


These partners may be institutions located in cities where bridges play a prominent role in the skyline and where at-risk youth can learn about STEAM principles as well as crucial leadership skills like active listening, dialogue and empathy.  


This pivot allows for even more impact - a larger audience, wider geography and two+ years of exhibition time.


Regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, your race, class, gender, sexual orientation, where you live or whatever theoretically makes you different from the masses, an increasing amount of us are exhausted by endless debate. Listening is becoming a lost art, dialogue has all but disappeared and our challenges are just too enormous to allow the current trajectory to drive our division even deeper.


We strongly believe in the power of those voices in the wilderness - those that wonder how it all went wrong and what can be done -  to right this ship. We’ve got a talented, diverse team and we have taken a timeless concept - the bridge - and turned it into a mechanism to try to understand the other. While we have targeted children for our key audience, we have adopted an approach that is half art, half pop. We are taking the slogan “bridges, not walls” and operationalizing it. 

So, are you keen to shift the paradigm? Wonderful, please join us through donating and let's make it happen. 


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