Golden Gate Bridge gets it right

The 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge in 2012 brought about a significant amount of interest in the bridge itself and secured its legacy among the world’s top bridges. Besides its iconic colour (international orange) and its sleek design that has stood the test of time, the Bridge serves as an important transport artery in the Bay Area (and so does the Bay Bridge by the way).

In a recent trip to Callifornia, I was very pleased to see the proper (and tasteful) marketing of the Bridge itself. The Pavillion, located on the south side of the Bridge (NB, from the 101 north, take the “Last Exit in San Francisco turn which is JUST before the bridge), holds a number of souvenirs and information about how the bridge was built. The usual fare of t-shirts, postcards, etc. are on offer, as well as a unique Golden Gate Bridge fact sheets, which are not only well-designed, but also very educational.

In addition to the souvenirs, an outdoors exhibition discusses some of the main features of the bridge itself and touches on why the cables are so low and how the bridge reacts to earthquakes.

The Golden Gate Bridge’s approach to preservation and tasteful marketing have ensured its financial sustainability and serves as a model for a slightly larger endeavour, say a Bridge Museum….

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