After visiting the structural wing and having learned about bridges as symbols, visitors will be set up to explore the conceptual wing. These  exhibits will provoke visitors to take a closer look at themselves and how they are able to build bridges daily at work, in communities, and throughout society. 

The Bridge Museum’s tagline is “Take me to the other side—I want to understand the other.” Building on that, the museum’s visitors will be able to think a bit more about their “other”—the culture, class, political faction, family, or individual that they may not understand or quite trust.


With the themes of "willingness, knowledge and practice" in this wing, visitors will then have the opportunity to learn more about that other through interactive exhibits as well as how communication can either build bridges or destroy them, depending on how it is delivered. The theme of bubbles will run through the exhibit (our first bubble being the womb), visitors will see that, indeed, our habits, both analog and digital, play a large role in the understanding of that other. 

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