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We are now exploring the possibilities of a museum in the Bay area in California and are very keen to hear your views. Please take the 2-3 minute survey, which is geared to understand demand, what you would expect in the museum and spending habits. The link is here or Please feel free to pass […]

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We are increasingly active on Facebook. Visit the project there and don’t forget to take the online survey! Many thanks!

Architect Donald MacDonald on the Golden Gate and Bay bridges

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A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of interviewing architect Donald MacDonald on the podcast show The Soul of California, which interviews leading Californians in various disciplines on the Golden State.  Donald has been extensively involved in both bridges for a number of years and has published two books on the bridges available through […]

Three bridges in Oslo

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Three bridges in Oslo

Walking in Oslo, Norway on Sunday, I came across three different bridges in very different situations. In each of these photos, you start to see elements of an exhibition and the uniting of a concept through a very complex wooden scale model, the bridge as meeting point and a smaller scale suspension bridge, in which the […]

Interview with Celia Hawkesworth – translator of Balkan literature

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Dr. Celia Hawkesworth is one of the pivotal translators of literature from the former Yugoslavia, and is the author of Ivo Andrić: Bridge between East and West and Zagreb: a cultural history. She equally chairs the British Scholarship Trust. How did you become involved in translation and particularly the work of Ivo Andrić? My association […]

UK Postal Service celebrates bridges

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The UK Postal Service has honoured some of the UK’s most outstanding bridges. A number o famous British bridges are commemorated in the series of eight stamps. Hard to choose, though, as some of the most iconic, such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Iron Bridge over the River Severn were excluded, as was […]

The “Moscow” bridge in Kyiv, Ukraine

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The “Moscow” bridge in Kyiv, Ukraine

My boss and I were in Kyiv earlier this week speaking with the government about natural resource governance. On our way out of a meeting with Naftogaz CEO Kobylev, we asked our Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry colleague if he was satisfied (meaning with our meeting). He was not satisfied he said, telling how […]

Bridge song for “Selma” garners Academy Award

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Bridge song for “Selma” garners Academy Award

I was impressed with the winning speech of the songwriters John Legend and Common whose song “Glory” garnered the top award in the category of Best Song. They wrote the song for the movie, Selma, which recounts to the 1965 civil rights march to the state capitol of Montgomery. Upon winning the award, they used […]

School exchanges – embedded in another culture

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In a few days, my son will be spending a week in a French school. His French is improving and although he can hardly explain the theory of relativity in French, he can get by and he is increasingly seeing that language is the window to culture. Most importantly, he will be living with a […]

Third Bosphorus bridge takes shape in Istanbul

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Third Bosphorus bridge takes shape in Istanbul

Istanbul is the only metropolis uniting both Europe and Asia. In a matter of months, it will be one of the few cities that has three of the longest suspension bridges in the world. The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, located just south of the Black Sea will be a bridge of firsts, notably the widest suspension […]